Unhealthy eating habits start young

C’mon parents.Its up to u to serve more veggies & whole grains and fewer cookies & snax.Nestle FITS says kids get more calories from snax than healthy.They don’t buy food; you do.

Staying Motivated

With so much food and energy savers in our environment, motivation is essential to control eating. #RobynFlipse writes http://t.co/ZP2XyKw

#NPDGroup finds consumers want smaller portions.

Cut portions strategically a la #Volumetrics-smaller amounts of calorie-rich food and more veggies and fruits, salads, soups, fat-free dairy, whole grains.

Cool Tool for Calories and Food Groups

Govt has useful tool for figuring out calories and food groups www.myfoodapedia.gov

Saveur Announces Best Food Blogs

Saveur announces best food blogs. Can’t wait to visit them. http://t.co/KKTBmU9

Retweet on Weight and Food

FoodNavigatorUS: Interesting articles on weight and food – Conflicted, intuitive, impulsive or plain confused? http://bit.ly/fN6tLH

Grabbing for Grains

This week’s SupermarketGuru.com, one of many food and nutrition communications publications that cross my desk, mentions that shoppers are confused about shopping for whole grains.

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