Great #foodtrends report from @IFT, A. Elizabeth Sloan

More of us eat alone, cost of food is a growing concern, home meals are up (yay!), pickling and fermenting to be big in 2012 (what about watching sodium?), and spices rule!

Frank Bruni Talks about Paula Deen and Weight

Thanks @frankbruni for talking about the dark side of indulgent food shows and recipes. Healthy weight is a 24/7 job.

Love this #gingerbread recipe

Great end for a Chanukah menu.

Can’t wait to play with #supertracker at #choosemyplate

Tracks ur food, exercise, goals, and more.

Study says eating out leads to more calories and fat

#400CalorieFix gives tips for managing food away from home

Shop BedBathBeyond to LoseWeight

Did you know that getting different plates, bowls, and table linens might boost your weight loss efforts by helping you manage portions?

In a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people ate less when the color of the plate and the food on the plate contrasted, such as pasta in red sauce on

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Cooking by Number -- Bean Soup

With winter on the way — never mind the sneak preview of snow in New York in late October — the weather is perfect for bean soup. By beans, I mean the whole family of legumes, including black beans, white beans, pinto beans, split peas, and lentils. And there’s a lot to love: • Beans

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Slow down & enjoy ur food

URI study says fast eaters eat more food (therefore calories) per minute.,0,1829357.story

Empower #teens to make smart food choices

Change eating behaviors by increasing awareness in a way teens can relate to

Mark @Bittman asks “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”

Let’s promote quick, healthy, homemade as the new “fast” food