Screaming for Ice Cream

If I could choose only one food to eat, I would pick ice cream. I love its combination of cold and creamy and never tire of trying new flavors. Here’s my little secret – ice cream is the first thing that I eat when I wake up in the morning. A couple of spoons of

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Power of Protein

Protein is king in the eyes of the American shopper. A March 27, 2013 article in the Wall Street Journal explains why: dieters think it fills them up, athletes turn to protein for muscle building and endurance, and parents push protein to keep kids going during the long school day. Does it really work? Science

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More Good News About Yogurt

I’m a big yogurt fan, so I was thrilled to read that yogurt sales are up over 33% in the past year, according to SPINSscan, a division of the ACNielsen market research firm. Yogurt is a great multi-tasker “it’s a filling mid-afternoon snack, especially when mixed with chopped nuts and frozen berries”; it makes a

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