#UltimateVolumetrics is on the market today

#Loseweight and keep it off while managing your hunger, plus 100+ delicious recipes

Why it’s important to eat more #beans

Research Chefs Association (http://bit.ly/H6Ztot) and US Dry Bean Council ( www.usdrybeans.com) talk health benefits.

Review says consumers need sim…

Review says consumers need simpler diet and exercise guidelines. Tips in #TheUltimateVolumetrics are easy to follow! http://t.co/4h13AORk

Great article on the not-so-gl…

Great article on the not-so-glam life of a ghostwriter/collaborator/writer/co-author. But we keep coming back for more! http://t.co/IgoORziG

Great article on using Pintere…

Great article on using Pinterest for food promo http://t.co/a7cO6Dt4

#BarbaraRolls and #Volumetrics featured by CSPI in March 2012

Feature story on Barbara Rolls and Volumetrics, with recipes from *The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet*, by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. with Mindy Hermann, R.D., in the March 2012 issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter.

@davidgrotto Hear you’re worki…

@davidgrotto Hear you’re working on a new book! Hope you have 101 more ways to live healthy!

Read about my adventures recre…

Read about my adventures recreating #lostrecipes in @WSJ http://t.co/SqMbJChE

Right-size side dishes and include #Volumetrics choices

Washington Post article says offer side dish portions. Right-size rice and pasta is fine, but don’t cut the low-CD veggies. http://wapo.st/zFiqnG

Another tribute to a newer fri…

Another tribute to a newer friend of mine, Jeff Zaslow. Gone too soon; he will be missed by many. http://t.co/SQ3VQfix