#beans #Volumetrics

#beans #Volumetrics

#PhysicalActivity may help derail the #FatGene

No marathons necessary — walking the dog or gardening count! http://nyti.ms/v8GzuS

Fall 2011 #BeanBriefs now available

For summary and interpretation of latest news on beans, visit http://www.usdrybeans.com/2011/11/bean-briefs-fall-2011/.

More drinks to deplete our liquor stash

Kentucky Mule — 3 oz bourbon, 12-oz bottle Reed’s Ginger Beer (Caribbean-style ginger beer, not ginger ale), juice of 1 lime, ice (makes 2 servings)

Autumn’s Apple — 3 oz whiskey, 12 oz warmed fresh apple cider, poured into small mugs with rims frosted with cinnamon-sugar

Team approach is crucial for weight loss

It’s important to have people to turn to for support, encouragement, motivation. http://nyti.ms/tK3zeB

Choosing snax for meals is a bad idea

Snack foods have a high #caloriedensity so they’re not filling, says #volumetrics. And they’re not nutrient-dense http://www.csnews.com/top-story-study__78_percent_of_americans_eat_snack_foods_for_lunch_-59914.html

Slow down & enjoy ur food

URI study says fast eaters eat more food (therefore calories) per minute. http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-eating-rates-20111109,0,1829357.story

Reviewing page proofs for #Ult…

Reviewing page proofs for #UltimateVolumetricsDiet So excited to see beautiful photos by @benfinkphoto and styled by @libbiesummers.

@eatsmartbd Gr8 Thanksgiving o…

@eatsmartbd Gr8 Thanksgiving out in #Cooperstown & #NewportRI Quality family time and no dishes!

#MicheleObama makes over White House diet

Lets make the First Lady an honorary member of the #AcademyofNutritionandDietetics http://sbne.ws/r/9lVM