Major culinary and food trends in 2016

On a recent sponsored trip to London, I got a preview into food and culinary trends for 2016, with a perspective from across the pond. Here, a brief write-up in Produce Business UK; photos courtesy of The Big Event (DMC).


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Chefs lower calories a la Volumetrics

Wish they would have upped the veggies too!,0,6996135.story

Dining Out and Obestity Risk

No surprise that eating out boosts obesity risk 400 Calorie Fix research finds restaurant meals usually >800 cals. Read about it in the July 4, 2011, LA Times

A Road Stop Restaurant To Recommend

When I eat out, I usually am bothered by that restaurants serve dishes that are so out of sync with the Dietary Guidelines — portions are meat-heavy, too much bread and other carbs are served, and veggies are a mere garnish. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover Sheetz on a family trip

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Trans Fats and Menus – What Can You Do?

New York City has decided to prohibit restaurants from using trans fats in their menu items. Other cities can be expected to follow suit, causing a major change in the way that restaurants use certain ingredients for cooking and frying. As of July 2007, most cooking oils with artificial trans fats no longer can be

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