Tale of Two Cities + one, and their farmers markets

Actually a village and two towns, but that’s not how the book title reads. In a true embarrassment of riches, I live within a 10-minute drive of three farmers markets, and each is different.

The upscale Pleasantville Farmers Market is where we go to shmooze first with our friends and buy stuff second. Replete

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Grains Go Old-School, Really Old-School

I am very much a whole grain gal. My mom made our sandwiches on whole wheat bread before it was fashionable to do so. I eat whole grain cereal for breakfast almost every day. And dinner usually includes a whole grain side dish. So I was really excited to see a lot of whole grain

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Spicing Up Life

As a freelance food and nutrition writer, I often am invited to food industry events. Today’s field trip was to a lunch sponsored by McCormick®, the folks whose spices you probably have in your kitchen. Each year, McCormick joins with cooks to create the McCormick® Flavor Forecast, a snapshot of tastes for the

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