Older Not Old - Gardening and Composting

We’ve been in our house for 18+ years and it didn’t take long for us to build a garden. I’ve never had much of a green thumb and I always thought of gardening as an activity for retirees. But there we were, parents in our 40s with two 10-year-old boys, carving a 12×24 foot garden

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Tale of Two Cities + one, and their farmers markets

Actually a village and two towns, but that’s not how the book title reads. In a true embarrassment of riches, I live within a 10-minute drive of three farmers markets, and each is different.

The upscale Pleasantville Farmers Market is where we go to shmooze first with our friends and buy stuff second. Replete

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Ramp-ing Up the Spring Celebration

This past Wednesday morning was beautiful and clear, too nice to spend our usual hour or so working out in the gym. Eric and I decided instead to walk on our local treasure, the North County Trailway. Formerly train tracks, the Trailway has been paved over for use by walkers, runners, and cyclists. It

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