Older Not Old -- Silly Teen, Smarter Adult

Getting older (not old) means facing moments of truth about health decisions made earlier in life. What’s going on now with metabolism, bones, and health may be the result of decisions made during the teen years, when planning for the future seemed so far off!

Let’s look at my metabolism. I assumed that it was

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Older Not Old -- Warding Off a Broken Heart

No, this post is not about romance or about secrets of a lasting marriage! But with Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about hearts in general and my heart in particular. Nearly every late relative on my dad’s side of the family had heart disease

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Older Not Old - When Life Gives You Zucchini....

A lot of the adjustments when the kids move out are pretty easy — less laundry, a lower water bill, not as much “stuff” around the house. But it’s really hard to get a handle on the food situation when you go from four to two. Often I buy more than we can eat before

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Older Not Old -- Fussing about Fiber

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out a few months ago with new strategies for sounding the alarm on the American diet. As called out in previous guidelines, we continue to eat too much of some foods and not enough of others. With too few vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes (beans) in

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Frank Bruni Talks about Paula Deen and Weight

Thanks @frankbruni for talking about the dark side of indulgent food shows and recipes. Healthy weight is a 24/7 job. http://nyti.ms/w5z1kV

Helping Paula Deen

Hey @LibbieSummers, looking forward to your helping Paula Deen with healthier recipes to help manage type 2 diabetes http://t.co/qKCCM58K

Secrets of the World's Healthiest Women Work For Men Too!


How Sad is this? Pepsi Profit Drop Blamed on Nutrition Focus

Investors want Pepsi to spend on soft drink marketing rather than on more nutritious brands such as #Quaker and #Sabra.

Let's Focus on the Benefits of Eating Wholegrains

Although eating 50% of grains as processed grains may not be harmful per new study (http://bit.ly/w4GymO), better and more positive message is to eat more whole grains for better health.

Who Knew That Being A Dietitian Isn't Stressful?

@CareerCast says being a dietitian isn’t stressful but being in #PR is. What about RDs who work in PR? Are they somewhere in the middle on the stress meter? http://www.mediabistro.com/prnewser/what-makes-pr-so-darn-stressful_b32186