Older Not Old -- Silly Teen, Smarter Adult

Getting older (not old) means facing moments of truth about health decisions made earlier in life. What’s going on now with metabolism, bones, and health may be the result of decisions made during the teen years, when planning for the future seemed so far off!

Let’s look at my metabolism. I assumed that it was

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Super on Sunday

It was the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, and we decided to get in a workout before an evening of wings and pizza. Problem was that we didn’t leave the house until 9:30 am. It was a bad scene at the gym, with cars circling around the thrice-expanded parking lot and not an open space

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Say Wii to Activity

When video game creators offered their products to the masses, they probably didn’t anticipate the profoundly negative effect on physical activity levels in the US. Television, computers, and video games give us plenty of reasons to plant ourselves in front of a screen for prolonged periods rather than, say, take a walk. So

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