Empower #teens to make smart food choices

Change eating behaviors by increasing awareness in a way teens can relate to http://nyti.ms/tdRIVR

More news on not keeping weight off

Hormone levels promote weight gain yet some people keep pounds off. Let’s study their metabolism to look for reasons they succeed http://nyti.ms/tqlHGV

Pick 2 on the #NutritionFactsPanel

Consumers don’t pay as much attention to nutrition fact labels as they think, so pick 2 nutrients most important to you http://bit.ly/ozNLox

Mark @Bittman asks “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”

Let’s promote quick, healthy, homemade as the new “fast” food http://nyti.ms/oXtKcj

IOM says simplify info on pack…

IOM says simplify info on package front. What does this mean for Facts Up Front? Why no beneficial nutrients? http://t.co/Oi7y4BzP

Packaged foods cozy up to #vegetablesandfruits

Thumbs up to any way to get people to eat more veggies and maintain good nutrition http://on.wsj.com/q9Not7

Choose cereal for #wholegrain rather than #natural

Whole grain as first ingredient is more important than “natural,” which doesn’t have an official definition. If important to you, look for the “organic” seal instead. http://cornucopia.org/cereal-scorecard/docs/Cornucopia_Cereal_Report.pdf

Talking snacks @BetTorahNursery

Helping teachers make healthy snacks. 3 cans different #beans & 1 can corn, drained, + 1 c edamame + 1 c salsa in a plastic bag. Seal, shake, serve w #wholegrain tortilla chips. Yum.

Kids get about 1/3 of cals fro…

Kids get about 1/3 of cals from kcal-rich fastfood? How about more veggies & right-size portions? http://t.co/IU9DXFje via @FoodNavigatorUS

Toasting Hurricane Irene

We flooded during Hurricane Irene, forcing us to clear out and demolish our entire basement. In addition to office supplies, suitcases, and tchotchkes, upstairs came our liquor inventory — close to 30 years of accumulated remnants of bottles from parties long forgotten. Should we toss them, combine them, do nothing? Here’s our solution. Weekend nights

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