Cooking By Number – Muffins

Last week, I spoke for a group of nursery school teachers on healthy snacks for preschoolers. When I asked the director whether the kids cooked in school, she mentioned that they made muffins but needed healthier ideas. Hey, who says muffins can’t be healthy? These get their moisture from pureed fruit or veggies. You can

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Bkf cereal is top nutrient sou…

Bkf cereal is top nutrient source & <4% of sugar in diet

Study says eating out leads to more calories and fat

#400CalorieFix gives tips for managing food away from home

If kid is #overweight, family may need to eat differently

Pediatricians need to discuss weight with parents

Congrats to @libbiesummers for…

Congrats to @libbiesummers for The Whole Hog Cookbook mention in @nytimes!

Tonight's Drink -- The Alabazam

Our goal was to make a drink with bitters, which we found when repacking my collection of miniature liquor bottles. With tonight’s drink, we killed the Cointreau, which we used instead of the curacao in the original recipe. This is a great-tasting drink but a bit too summery for a cool December night.

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Shop BedBathBeyond to LoseWeight

Did you know that getting different plates, bowls, and table linens might boost your weight loss efforts by helping you manage portions?

In a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people ate less when the color of the plate and the food on the plate contrasted, such as pasta in red sauce on

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#beans #Volumetrics

#beans #Volumetrics

Cooking by Number -- Bean Soup

With winter on the way — never mind the sneak preview of snow in New York in late October — the weather is perfect for bean soup. By beans, I mean the whole family of legumes, including black beans, white beans, pinto beans, split peas, and lentils. And there’s a lot to love: • Beans

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#PhysicalActivity may help derail the #FatGene

No marathons necessary — walking the dog or gardening count!