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How Sad is this? Pepsi Profit Drop Blamed on Nutrition Focus

Investors want Pepsi to spend on soft drink marketing rather than on more nutritious brands such as #Quaker and #Sabra.

Tonight's Drink - Grapefruit Gingermargarita

This yummy drink was made with an odd combination of ingredients that I happened to have in the kitchen. My friend Jill and I rated these among the best margaritas ever.

3 ounces tequila 1/2 ounce Cointreau (the company my grandfather worked at) 1/2 ounce Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup 2 or 3 Key limes, cut

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Let's Focus on the Benefits of Eating Wholegrains

Although eating 50% of grains as processed grains may not be harmful per new study (, better and more positive message is to eat more whole grains for better health.

Who Knew That Being A Dietitian Isn't Stressful?

@CareerCast says being a dietitian isn’t stressful but being in #PR is. What about RDs who work in PR? Are they somewhere in the middle on the stress meter?

The Best Weight Loss Device Or Diet

The best weight loss device (or diet) is the one that works for you.

The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet Available April 10, 2012

Chef Kim O'Donnel Says Eat More Beans in 2012

See USA Today and visit for tips & updates on beans

Volumetrics Ranked 6th Best Diet Overall by USNews & World Report

Ultimate Volumetrics coming out April 2012.

Creative and entertaining way …

Creative and entertaining way to look at food and diet — Simon Doonan’s Eating Guide for Gay and Straight: