Stumbled upon this great #Asia…

Stumbled upon this great #Asianfood blog while researching #Asianmarkets

Cooking by Number -- Stuffed Squash

Here on the East Coast, we haven’t had much of a winter. The temps are pretty warm – today’s one of the colder days and we’re in the high 30s – and snow has been in short supply since the freak October 29 snowstorm. Nonetheless, it’s still the perfect season for stuffed winter squash. I

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Hey Octavia Spencer, an RD can…

Hey Octavia Spencer, an RD can help you with healthy weight

RT @Sweetfacts Healthy, Hunger…

RT @Sweetfacts Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010:.. #Heatlhy #Hunger-Free #Kids #Act #registered

Great #foodtrends report from @IFT, A. Elizabeth Sloan

More of us eat alone, cost of food is a growing concern, home meals are up (yay!), pickling and fermenting to be big in 2012 (what about watching sodium?), and spices rule!

Congrats to Dayle Hayes, MS, R…

Congrats to Dayle Hayes, MS, RD @SchoolMealsRock for School Nutrition Association 2012 Silver Friend of Child Nutrition Award

Frank Bruni Talks about Paula Deen and Weight

Thanks @frankbruni for talking about the dark side of indulgent food shows and recipes. Healthy weight is a 24/7 job.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

@nutritionjill @davidgrotto @sarahjaneRD @writerunlive Yum on the roasted Brussels sprouts. Try with a drizzle of walnut or hazelnut oil.

Helping Paula Deen

Hey @LibbieSummers, looking forward to your helping Paula Deen with healthier recipes to help manage type 2 diabetes

Preschoolers Eat More Veggies and Fruits When Main Dish is Smaller

Very #Volumetrics to reduce meal calorie density, and calories, with more veggies and fruits for preschoolers. See if this study’s strategy works for you.