Ramp-ing Up the Spring Celebration

Ramps 1

This past Wednesday morning was beautiful and clear, too nice to spend our usual hour or so working out in the gym. Eric and I decided instead to walk on our local treasure, the North County Trailway. Formerly train tracks, the Trailway has been paved over for use by walkers, runners, and cyclists. It passes through forests, swamps, and farms, crosses over a reservoir on an old trestle bridge, and offers easy access to cafes along the way. We hadn’t walked more than 5 minutes when we ran into my friend Judi. Every year, Judi tells me when ramps (wild onions) are in season (now) and shares her secret picking spot, which happens to be off the Trailway. I had never gone to find them. But this year, Judi found a new spot and it was close to where we were walking. We picked as many ramps as would fit in Eric’s baseball cap and headed home to do something with them. (My friend Fanny was jealous — she says they sell for $18/lb in the farmers market!)

Ramps 2

The timing was perfect for pairing them with farm-fresh eggs from Mario’s Pizza at the Mt. Kisco train station. Mario has 100 backyard chickens who lay the most beautiful eggs. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the vibrant orange yolks.

Eggs from Mario

Eric scrambled the ramps and eggs together but we ended up liking the ramps better as a raw garnish. Yesterday, we added them to an Israeli cucumber-tomato salad with za’atar. And we still have plenty!


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