Screaming for Ice Cream

17440_wpm_lowresIf I could choose only one food to eat, I would pick ice cream. I love its combination of cold and creamy and never tire of trying new flavors. Here’s my little secret – ice cream is the first thing that I eat when I wake up in the morning. A couple of spoons of one of my favorite brands, either Breyers or Blue Bunny, gets my day off to the right start with just enough to satisfy. And that doesn’t stop me from enjoying other frozen desserts when the mood strikes!

This morning, Jane Brody penned an excellent New York Times blog post on the many reasons that we are overweight, including oversized portions of foods such as frozen yogurt. Our town of Mount Kisco has a terrific frozen yogurt store called Frannie’s Goodie Shop that offers maybe a dozen different flavors plus all sorts of mix-ins, including fresh fruit, nuts, and chocolate shavings. Cups are available in two sizes, big and ginormous. So it takes a lot of practice to put a reasonable portion, say 4 or 6 ounces, into a cup that is at least four sizes too big.

When I travel, I look forward to stopping at an airport McDonald’s for an ice cream cone. Did you know that it has only 170 calories and half the calcium of a cup of milk?

Despite my working out at the gym at least four times a week, my leg muscles are not as strong as they once were. Research sponsored by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association suggests that eating more protein might help adults hold onto muscle. In my efforts to ramp up the protein in my diet, I came across a high protein frozen treat, ProYO, at Expo West. Each ProYo pop has about as much protein as a small serving of meat, chicken or fish and could add protein and fun to the diet of an older adult.

My husband and I discovered paletas (Mexican ice pops) on a long-ago anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas. We visited the paleta shop sometimes twice a day. I was so excited to find paletas closer to home at not one but two shops, Paleteria Fernandez in my favorite food town of Port Chester, NY, and Paleteria La Flor de Michoacan in New Rochelle, NY. I can’t decide if I like the all-fruit or the fruit and cream bars better. Because they’re sold in a single portion, their calorie counts are reasonable.

Then there’s indulgence. A local ice cream maker, Adirondack Creamery, makes the most delicious kulfi-pistachio cardamom ice cream. I was surprised to see that it’s “only” 220 calories per half-cup scoop. While that’s higher than Breyers, it’s lower than a lot of premium brands.

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