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Did you know that getting different plates, bowls, and table linens might boost your weight loss efforts by helping you manage portions?

In a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people ate less when the color of the plate and the food on the plate contrasted, such as pasta in red sauce on a white plate. Say so long to white plates if you’re serving white rice, chicken breast, and creamed cauliflower. Might you manage portions if you switched to a black plate?! – The same study found that when both the tablecloth and plate were white, people served themselves smaller portions. So match your tablecloth to your plates. – Serve from smaller serving bowls and with smaller serving spoons. – Sip your drink from a tall, thin glass rather than a short, squat one. – Switch to a smaller plate, but only if you avoid going back for seconds and eating just as much as if you used a big plate!

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