Cooking by Number -- Main Dish Salads

It’s Thanksgiving week and the official start to the holiday season. What a perfect time to look for ways to get through November and December with your weight and health more or less intact. So I’m kicking off my Monday blog post with Cooking by Number.

Did you ever “paint by number”? You start with a white canvas that has the outline of a masterpiece and instructions on how to fill in the outline with different paint colors. When you’re done, voila! You have a piece of art — well, maybe not, in my case — that’s suitable for framing. With Cooking by Number, you get the outline of a type of dish, along with suggestions for filling in the outline. The end result is a dish that you can serve to family and friends without being embarrassed.

I chose main dish salads for this week because they’re quick, easy, and the perfect light meal for a calorie-heavy week. They also can be quite filling. Here are the numbers to make salad for four:

6 cups leafy greens (these can be lettuce, salad mix, spinach, etc.)
2 cups assorted raw and cooked veggies
8 ounces cooked protein (chicken, salmon, steak, shrimp, tofu, egg, etc.)
1 cup canned or cooked beans
4 tablespoons crunch (nuts, seeds, croutons, bacon bits, etc)
1/3 cup light dressing (more on dressings in the coming weeks)

Serve with a whole grain roll, or toss in 2 cups cooked pasta, rice, or grains.

Approx. calories: 350 calories, 450 with roll or grain

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