Say Wii to Activity

When video game creators offered their products to the masses, they probably didn’t anticipate the profoundly negative effect on physical activity levels in the US. Television, computers, and video games give us plenty of reasons to plant ourselves in front of a screen for prolonged periods rather than, say, take a walk. So I chuckled when I read two recent news stories about the Wii, one in the on-line version of our local paper, , and the other in a British media site, The Independent. The Wii is becoming a huge hit in nursing homes and as a rehab tool for older adults. And British students who used the Wii during their lunch break improved their fitness level. Who knew that if we had a video platform like the Wii that encourages activity, we might be more motivated to move? Christmas and Chanukah are only 11 months away!

[ Photo credit: Fanboy30 via Flickr ]

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