A Road Stop Restaurant To Recommend

When I eat out, I usually am bothered by that restaurants serve dishes that are so out of sync with the Dietary Guidelines — portions are meat-heavy, too much bread and other carbs are served, and veggies are a mere garnish. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover Sheetz on a family trip home from Pittsburgh, PA. It was lunch time and we were underwhelmed with our other choices, so we decided to give Sheetz’s “Fresh Food Made to Order” a try. On first glance Sheetz resembles a gas station mini-mart, full of aisle of snacks and desserts that we dietitians love to hate. Once we walked up to order our lunch using
Sheetz’s computer, however, we were sold. We each ordered a different salad and the computer gave us a choice of lettuce, toppings, and dressing, including two fat-free options. Want to add more veggies to a sandwich or get a coffee drink made with skim milk? No problem. Ordering was easy using the computer touch screen. Sheetz has plenty of nutrition info, and doesn’t hide the fact that lots of its choices might make a dietitian cry. But at least if you want a quick and healthy meal customized the way you want it, Sheetz is a very viable option.

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